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-John Jakes

2010 Annual Appeal Letter

August 20, 2010

Dear Library Friend:

     In order to always meet consumer needs, any business or organization that provides services must continuously improve. At the Tamaqua Public Library, we constantly strive to improve our holdings, our services, and our programs to meet the needs of the people in our community. However, this goal is extremely challenging in consideration of the following decreases in governmental support:

State funding – 2009 (- 21%); 2010 (- 9.1%)

County funding – 2009 (- 7.1%); 2010 (- 49.5%)

Through the same time period, library usage has markedly increased, especially in the areas of computer usage (53%), circulation of children’s books (33%), and circulation of large print books (95%). The attendance at children’s programs has also tripled from 2008 to the present!

     Continuous improvement, however, must be sustained by continuous funding. In order to reconcile decreasing funding with increasing usage, we have been proactive in seeking income sources through grant writing. Thus far in 2010, we are pleased to announce that the library has been awarded:

2010 We The People Bookshelf Grant – a collection of American history books and other media for children and young adults that meditates on the theme, “A More Perfect Union.”

Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Grant - $5,050.00 to implement a wireless internet network for patrons with supporting software and infrastructure.

Dollar General Literacy Foundation Grant – $3,000.00 for the 2010 Summer Reading Program.

Snayberger Foundation Grant - $600.00 to improve the holdings of astronomy books for young adults.

In the upcoming months, we will be sponsoring programs to publicize and supplement the Bookshelf grant. Additional revenue will continue to be sought through grants and other one-time award sources of income.

     The Tamaqua Public Library Board of Trustees is seeking your financial support to complement our efforts in bridging the gap between funding and needs. To offset the dwindling aid from state and county government, we request that you consider contributing to our 2010 fund drive. It is only through your generosity that we can continue to provide valuable library services with continuous improvement. Your financial support is sincerely appreciated, and all contributors will be gratefully acknowledged on our website unless instructed otherwise.


Gayle R. Heath

Library Director

2010 Fund Drive Contributors

A multitude of thanks to the following individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations who have contributed to our 2010 fund drive. It is only through your generosity that we can continue to thrive as a community-benefit organization.


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Ackerman

Martin & Wendy Andrefski

Anonymous I

Anonymous II

Rose Marie Armon

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Argall, Jr.

Harry R. Arner

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Bachert

Reese E. Bankes

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin C. Behr

Roberta Behrmann

Charles X. Block

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Blue

M.E. Boissel-Kottle

Mr. & Mrs. Harold B. Boyer

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy K. Bridygham

Anna Mae Callan

Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Camerini

Mary Camerini

Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. Cheese

Joan A. Chickilly

Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Christ

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Clemson

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Dally, Jr.

Karen & Pat Davison

Raymond C. Dawson, Jr.

Ingrid Benjamin DeBellas

Corindo C. DeLaurentis

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. DeLay

Wouter M. Denie

Jean T. Derr

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Digilio

Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Dodson

Elizabeth Dreisbach

Rev. Maureen C. Duffy-Guy

Jane F. Dunn

Mr.& Mrs. Donald J. Evans

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond T. Fedor

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Fegley, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Fegley (In memory of John Jack Laughlin)

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Fegley, Sr.

David & Darlene Fetterman

Harry C. Fetterman

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Forster

Aaron & Megan Frantz

Marian S. Frantz

Shirley A. Frey

Mrs. Thomas J. Fudge, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Gensure

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Gernert

W. Robert Gillespie

Theodore A. Giltner

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph L. Gormley

Vincenza T. Grant

Mr. & Mrs. Allen F. Griffin

Michele K. Griffiths

Mr. & Mrs. George J. Gurnavage, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Heath

Mary L. Herman

Barbara & Robert Herring

Rhonda & Kenneth Herring

Mr. & Mrs. W. Stanton Holloway

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Holovack

Judy A. Hoppes

Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Houm

Florence Janis

Louise F. Jewells

Daniel D. Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard D. Kabana

Carole L. Keich

Bruce K. Kemmerer

Mr. & Mrs. Vaal E. Kester

Donna E. Ketring

Mrs. Joanne P. Kinder

Geraldine P. & Russell King

Rev. Fred P. Knieriem

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Knoebel

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Koch

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Kotch

Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Kubert

Mrs. Ida Kupres

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Krapf

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Krell

Irene Krepak

John & Olga Kushnir

Gloria J. Lack

Phyllis K. Lane

Dorothy J. Lattanzi

Mr. & Mrs. Byron A. Leiby

Joseph & Helen Linkevich

Georgine Lockwood

Mr. & Mrs. Harry B. Loder

John & Juliann Longhi

Mr. & Mrs. Guido Lopresto

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Magnani

James M. Major

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Malarkey

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Maliniak

Velma L. Mantz

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Mateyak

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Mateyak

Mrs. Gladys Mazar

Jeanne McArdle

Richard McClure

Mr. & Mrs. Devin S. Meiser

Janet E. Mettler

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Miller

Regan E. Miller

Renee Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Miller III

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Miller (In memory of our parents - Bill & Anna Miller)

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Millet

Elizabeth I. Morgans

Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Musselman

Mr. & Mrs. Emerson E. Musser

Josephine I. O'Callaghan

Mr. & Mrs. John D. O'Connell

Edward & Jacqueline Patrick

Rosemarie C. Peiffer

Jan Perilli

Laura M. Scott Petrock

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Piscelli

Marianne K. Ponting

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Rajnic, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. Rang, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Reaman

Patricia Regalis

Rita M. Repinec

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Resch

E. Lynn Richards

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rimm

Barbara A. Rogan

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ronitz

L. Karen Rottet

Leo Schilling, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Ted M. Schlosser

Helen M. Schuetrumpf

Mr. & Mrs. Max Schwartz

Benjamin E. Shafer

Sheldon L. Shafer

Charles & Virginia Shamonsky

Louise A. Shellhamer

Mary E. Sloboda

Mr. & Mrs. Karl P. Smulligan

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Soley

Dr. & Mrs. Frank A. Staneck

Leonard & Carolyn Steigerwalt

John & Carolyn Suzadail

James M. Sweeney

Marie Tennant

Mr. & Mrs. Gene E. Titus

Marilyn R. Titus

Evelyn R. Tomchick

Linda J. Toth

John F. Urban

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan J. Valentine, III

Rose Vallee

Christine M. Verdier

Mr. & Mrs. John V. Vilcheck

Marria L. O'Malley Walsh (In memory of my mother, Elizabeth Jane O'Malley)

Mr. & Mrs. John Wandzilak

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Weeks

George Wenzel

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Whetstone

Mr. Joseph G. Wilkes

Mr. & Mrs. Howard E. Williams

Gary & Ruth Willing

Jane M. Wilson

Joan L. Yanega

Beverly Yost

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Yurchak

Anna Mae Yushinsky

Theresa A. Zebian

Rebecca L. Zehner

Susan M. Zerbe (In loving memory of my parents, James & Marilyn McHenry)

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Zimmerman

Floyd R. Zimmerman


Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (Karl H. Nolte, III)

Beacon Diner, Inc.

Law Offices of Bowe, Lisella and Bowe

Companion Animal Hospital (K.E. Kropp)

Hart Metals Inc. (dba Magnesium Elektron Powders PA)

Sean C. McLaughlin, DMD PC

Lucy M. Murphy, CPA

Petritsch Lawns & Landscaping (Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Petritsch)

Shafer's Pharmacy, LLC (Mr. & Mrs. Lee E. Shafer)

Dr. Michael J. Trainer

Vista Fuels LLC

Zizelmann•Roche and August M. Gulla Funeral Homes


New Life Assembly of God


Black Diamond Writers Network (Kathryn Ruff)

Ladies of Christ Lutheran Church L.C.W. (Charlotte K. Lorah)

Lewistown Valley Garden Club (Evelyn Adams, Treasurer)