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2011 Annual Appeal Letter

August 28, 2011

Dear Library Friend:

    What do the forensic study of the life-cycle of black flies, the origins of American music in the roots of slavery, the best and worst Presidents of the United States, and the rocks of the Lake Superior region have in common? They ALL were the subjects of past programs at the Tamaqua Public Library!

     Programs at the Tamaqua Public Library are the foundation by which we accomplish our mission to the community. Young readers are created and childhood literacy is advanced through our annual preschool Fall, Spring, and Summer story times that always include a related craft for promoting skill sets and snack time for socializing. Curiosity is satisfied and lifelong learning advocated through our intermittent, unique yearly programs developed for audiences of all ages. Imagination is stimulated through the pleasurable reading, viewing, and listening of our static ongoing program of displaying art and artifacts created or collected by local residents.

     Sometimes programs are requested by certain groups, like the Tamaqua Elementary School 2nd grade annual library tour and the upcoming Salvation Army Seniors program titled “A Walk to the Library” that will incorporate preschool-aged children in the delivery. Sometimes programs are conducted off-site, like the annual library card drive held during the fall open house at Tamaqua Area High School and the upcoming September 10th Library Day at Boscov’s Fairlane Village, Pottsville store, where we will have an interactive table of reading, crafting, singing, and dancing with free informational literature to advocate early child literacy. And sometimes community needs are assessed through surveys and addressed, like the free WiFi internet gateway that was initiated through a grant and is now maintained through regular library funding.

     Whether the programs are of the continual, cyclical type, or the unique, extraordinary type, on-site or off-site, they are always free! Free to the participants, however, does not translate to free to the library. Costs are associated with the programs through all stages of the process; the publicity, the dispensation, and the completion. We were very fortunate to have weathered the 2011-2012 state budget with level funding to public libraries. However, we continue to struggle from the 28% cumulative reduced funding from the previous two year’s state budget and the 47% cumulative reduced funding from the county over the same time period.

     The Tamaqua Public Library Board of Trustees is seeking your financial support to complement our efforts in bridging the gap between funding and needs. To offset the dwindling aid from state and county government, we request that you consider contributing to our 2011 fund drive. It is only through your generosity that we can continue to provide valuable free library programs to the community. Your financial support is sincerely appreciated, and all contributors will be gratefully acknowledged on our website unless instructed otherwise.


Gayle R. Heath

Library Director

2011 Fund Drive Contributors

The following individuals, organizations, businesses, and churches have contributed to our 2011 fund drive. We are deeply grateful to all who are listed below and all who chose not to be listed; your contributions aid in the continuance of providing free programs to the public. Thank you!