If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

- Cicero

2009 Annual Fund Drive

Annual giving is the backbone of any non-profit institution. For the library, these funds provide the flexibility for the library to direct resources to the areas of greatest need and ensure that we continue to remain a vital part of the community. It is through your generosity that books, materials, and programs can be offered throughout the year.

Looking into the coming year, there is little doubt that our government funding will drop as we all struggle in this economic crisis. And yet the public library is one of the institutions that people look to during such times for books, computer access, newspapers, and activities. 

This is why we are especially thankful to the following individuals, businesses, and organizations who have made a contribution to the Tamaqua Area Public Library 2009 Annual Fund Drive, beginning on March 8, 2009.


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Ackerman

Robert E. Ames

Martin T. and Wendy K. Andrefski

Mr. Arthur J. Argall, Jr.

Harry Arner

Floyd and Sylvia Bachert

Reese E. Bankes

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Bausch

Hubert and Shirley Becker

Joseph and Patricia Bednarik

Kevin and Dollie Behr

R. Thomas Berner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Blue

Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Bobick

Pauline Boettger

Teddy Bogosh

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Brennan

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brennan

Leroy and Mary Bridygham

Catherine Burrell

George and Anna Mae Callan

Mary Camerini

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Camerini

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Cheese

Joan A. Chickilly

Mrs. George Christ

Mark L. Christ

Mr. Robert Clemson

Joan E. Coleman-Powell

Lois M. Comisac

Karin Whetstone Culter

Pat and Karen Davison

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Davidson

Benjamin and Ingrid DeBellas

Tom and Joan Delay

Jean Derr

Robert & Roseanne Digilio

Paul and Shirley Dodson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Dreisbach

Rev. Maureen C. Duffy-Guy

Jane F. Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Fedor

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fegley

Margaret M. Fegley

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fegley, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Fetterman

Harry Fetterman

Alma Fisher

Anthony E. and Katherine H. Flamini

Joseph J. Forster

Aaron R. and Megan A. Frantz

George T. & Rose M. Frantz

Marian S. Frantz

Shirley A. Frey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fudge, Sr.

Ed and Doris Gensure

Robert and Lisa Gerber

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Gernavage

William B. and Eugenia M. Gernert

Theodore A. Giltner

John A. Gorka

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph L. Gormley

Joseph W. and Vincenza T. Grant

Allen Griffin

Michele K. Griffiths

George and Jean Gurnavage

Mrs. J. Carl Hafer, Sr.  

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Heath

Mary L. Herman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Herring

Sara G. Hodon

Robert A. and Mary Ann Holovack

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Houm

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hunt

Florence Janis

Louise F. Jewells

David D. Jones

Richard G. Jones

Bernard and Jean Kabana

Cassy Kane

Adam Kast

Ms. Carole Keich

Mr. and Mrs. Vaal Kester

Donna Ketring

Joanne P. Kinder

Mr. and Mrs. Russell King

Joanne M. Knepper

Rev. Fred P. Knieriem

Rev. David and Beverly Knoebel

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Koch

Joseph and Holly Koscak

William R. and Lori T. Krell

Irene Krepak

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kropp

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Kubert

Gloria J. Lack

Phyllis K. Lane

Anthony and Dorothy Lattanzi

Mr. and Mrs. Byron A. Leiby

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Linkchorst, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Linkevich

Georgine Lockwood

Harry and Marlene Loder

Gladys Long

John and Juliann Longhi

Guido and Lucille Lopresto

Doris Lusch

James M. Major

John and Jane Malarkey

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Malinaik

Velma Mantz

Daryl Marshall

Charles and Sally Lou Mateyak

John A. and Karen Mateyak

Gladys J. Mazar

Richard McClure

Sean C. McLaughlin, DMD, PC

Joseph and Sandra Mehalko

Mrs. Eileen A. Meiser

Janet E. Mettler

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Miller III

George E. and Elaine Ann Millet

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Morgans

Raymond and Elizabeth Morgans

Joseph and Edith Muffley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Musser

Vanda M. Nattress

Robert S.J. Nigro

Josephine O’Callaghan

Mr. and Mrs. John D. O'Connell

Frank O’Hara

Michael John O'Malley III

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Patrick

Mrs. Rosemarie Comisac Peiffer

Laura Scott Petrock

Gerald and Deborah J. Petrole

Mrs. Mae E. Porambo

Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Rang

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Reed

Patricia Regalis

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Repinec

Jacqueline A. Resch

Joseph Rimm

John Risko

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Ronitz

L. Karen Rottet

Paul F. Scherer

Henry R. and Bea Schietrumpf

Leo J. Schilling, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schmerfeld

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Schock

Helen M. Schuetrumpf

Mr. and Mrs. Max Schwartz

Ben and Lisa Shafer

Charles A. and Virginia W. Shamonsky

Louise Shellhamer

Mary E. Sloboda

Christine L. and Michael J. Soley

H. Elizabeth Springer

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stapleton

Leonard and Carolyn Steigerwalt

Keri Suchy

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Suzadail

James M. Sweeney

Eileen M. Tallick

Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Titus

Marilyn Titus

Ms. Evelyn R. Tomchick

Wayne and Pat Truskey

John Urban

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Valentine III

Rose Vallee

John and Dorothy R. Vilcheck

Marria O'Malley Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Weicker

George Wenzel

Kathleen M. Whetstone

Mr. Gary Willing

Jane Wilson

Joan L. Yanega

Ronald Yurchak

Anna Mae Yushinsky

Rebecca L. Zehner

Mrs. Susan M. Zerbe

Floyd Zimmerman

Ken Zimmerman


Beacon Diner, Inc.

Bowe, Lisella & Bowe, Attorneys at Law

Boyer's Food Market

Companion Animal Hospital of Tamaqua

Draper & Yost,  Inc.

Fegley Oil Co., Inc.

Flamini Pharmacy

Fox Transportation, Inc.

Kane Lumber Company, Inc.

Ken L. Herring & Son, Inc.

Lucy M. Murphy, CPA

Magnesium Elektron Powders PA

Massage Therapy

Petritsch Lawns and Landscaping

PP&L Corporation

Service Electric Company

Shafer's Pharmacy, LLC

Smulligan Glass Inc.

St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network

Tamaqua Street Machine Association

The Beyrent Insurance Agency

Tom’s Auto and Marine

Michael J. Trainer, D.C.

Zizelmann•Roche and Gulla Funeral Homes


New Life Assembly of God
St. Jerome Church


American Legion (C.H. Berry Post) No. 173
Ladies of Christ Lutheran Church L.C.W. of Barnesville, PA
Tamaqua BPW Club
Tamaqua Lions